Meet Chris

Chris Pringle was raised in the district, splitting time between his home in Mobile and a family owned farm in Washington County. Chris grew up hunting in those woods and fishing in our coastal waters. Today, Chris still enjoys time between his home in Mobile and the family farm in Washington County with his own son, Reeves.

When Chris first ran to serve in the Alabama House of Representatives, he did so to find real solutions and because he believes in the legislative process. More than that, he knew then, as he knows now, how special this place is that we call home. Chris understands that we need leadership that can preserve our way of life that can only exist here.

As the father of a high school sophomore, it is imperative to Chris that our children have ample opportunities here at home. His Background as a realtor, homebuilder and general contractor, along with his experience as a state legislator make Chris uniquely qualified for this position.

After 25 years as a realtor specializing in timberland sales and acquisition, he knows firsthand how government can cripple local agriculture and small businesses. Chris has a proven record as a conservative reformer, cutting waste and bringing transparency to the government. As a State Representative, he has fought wasteful spending, worked to make state government more accountable, and taken on special interests.

From getting the federal government out of our coastal fishing regulations to fighting for more ship building contracts and expanding our port, Chris will always put the needs of our district first.

Pringle will stand with President Trump on illegal immigration and building the wall, fully repealing and replacing Obamacare, rebuilding our military, fighting for our veterans, defending the Second Amendment, protecting the sanctity of life, and keeping the American people safe.

Chris Pringle stands on a solid foundation of faith and family. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama, a member of CCA, the Forestry Association, and the Treasure Forest Association. An avid outdoorsman, Chris enjoys hunting and fishing. Chris and Reeves attend church at St. Ignatius.